Reframe the Night

The BID has been working in close collaboration with the City of London Police (CoLP), to ensure women’s night-time safety is closely monitored.

Inspector Caroline Hay, Licensing Inspector for the CoLP created Reframe the Night under the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) strategy. This was set up in order to ensure that women could enjoy a night out in the City and feel safe and secure at all times. 

February this year saw the first Reframe event at Bank station which included a welfare tent set up and staffed by the CoL, CoLP, SIA and the Samaritans. Outcomes from the evening showed a number of vulnerable women were assisted, unlicensed taxi drivers were stopped and unlicensed premises were visited. This operation is run once a month in various locations within the City and the BID will continue work with the CoLP on future Reframe events in order to create a wider impact throughout the Square Mile.