What we do

Environment, signage, and wayfinding

Total spend in 2022/23:


Our commitment to creating a clean, safe and welcoming environment in Cheapside involves prioritising public realm, greening and air quality initiatives. Our goal is to ensure a pleasant experience for both workers and visitors in the area, creating a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive Cheapside that benefits the entire community.

Past achievements (2022/23)

  • Continued to fund the CBA ambassadors, who play a crucial role in maintaining a friendly and safe environment in Cheapside, patrolling the area, welcoming visitors, addressing environmental issues, and conducting business visits
  • Worked closely with the City Corporation on the Sunken Garden project, known as the ‘Greening Cheapside Project’. This ongoing collaborative effort aims to transform a site near One New Change and St Paul’s into an accessible, green, biodiverse, and environmentally resilient garden for residents and visitors to utilise.
  • Collaborated with the London Festival of Architecture (LFA) on the installation of art pieces celebrating public space in Cheapside. Notably, St Mary Le Bow Churchyard hosted a mobile arboretum by Wayward, inspired by Cheapside’s historical background as a market, which was well received by visitors and local businesses.

Future plans (2023/24)

  • Participate in Eco-City World Summit and organise a community-based event or a building tour in Cheapside.
  • Work closely with the LFA team to design an art installation focusing on accessibility in the City and reimagining the public realm for present and future generations.
  • Continue collaborating with the City Corporation to achieve their climate and net zero targets. This includes the installation of air quality exhibition panels and diffusion tubes. We will also work with the City Air Quality team to deliver business breakfasts and ramp-up City environment business engagement.
  • Actively support, and collaborate with, the City Corporation on greening initiatives in Cheapside, such as the Sunken Garden, St Paul’s external lighting, and St Paul’s gyratory. Once the Sunken Garden is completed, we plan to organise art installations and activations within the garden.

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