48% spend time in the Cheapside, away from their business premisies:

27% would spend more time in Cheapside at lunchtime, the evenings and on weekends, if there were more guides and attractions.

25% would spend more time in Cheapside at lunchtime, the evenings and on weekends, if there were a better retail offer.

Total spend:


St Mary le Bow carries the memory of 900 years of Cheapside History and we are delighted to be part of a commercial and community revival which is restoring the district as the principal cultural and social destination in the City of London."

The Revd George Bush,
- Rector — St Mary le Bow

Cheapside is a remarkably unique area, boasting some of the world’s most iconic and historic sites on its doorstep – St Paul’s Cathedral, Museum of London, Bank of England, Guildhall ,The Barbican Centre, , The Royal Exchange and not forgetting its more modern side in terms of One New Change. Businesses support was to support the tourism and cultural offer within the city, with many businesses requesting more information and an enhanced offer for their staff and visitors to the Cheapside area.

The Cheapside Business Alliance will:

• Work in conjunction with the City Corporation Cultural & Visitor Development team and local City Information Centre to promote the City’s portfolio of world-renowned visitor attractions and events and showcase the area with a view to increasing footfall and dwell-time

• Provide an on-street ambassadorial programme welcoming and orientating tourists and business visitors, acting very much as the public face of The Cheapside Business Alliance, communicating information directly to businesses and tourists and driving footfall to the City Information City and local retail and attractions

• Continue to represent the areas interests on the City Visitor Attractions and Retail Group (VARG), which meets quarterly to coordinate events and mutually beneficial marketing schemes (Christmas, Lord Mayors Show etc)

• Assist new companies, retailers, employees and residents to relate to their wider setting and neighbouring and surrounding communities through a programme of walking tours, talks and seminars on local history, delivered in partnership with the City Corporation