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Total spend in 2022/23:


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Cheapside’s unique retail & hospitality offerings, complemented by the iconic St Paul’s Cathedral and other historical sites, make it an enticing place to visit for both domestic and international visitors. We remain committed to supporting businesses and collaborate closely with the City of London Corporation’s Destination Team to maximise the time spent by visitors and workers in Cheapside.

Past achievements (2022/23)

  • Marked the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, which attracted numerous visitors to the City. We promoted local hospitality and retail businesses in and around Cheapside, as well as coordinating events throughout the day, including the Commonwealth Baton Relay, family sports at Paternoster Square, and the historic service of Thanksgiving for the Queen’s Reign at St Paul’s Cathedral.
  • During the holy month of Ramadan, we were proud to host one of the very first Open Iftar events in collaboration with the Ramadan Tent Project in the City at the iconic One New Change shopping centre. The project welcomed over 200 people to One New Change.
  • Sponsored Live at the Churchyard, an annual community festival held at St Mary Le Bow Church. This five-day event showcased a range of musical acts, tour guides and choirs.
  • Participated in City Giving Day, with CBA ambassadors taking to the streets and encouraging local businesses to join the initiative. The day featured a variety of events supporting the Lord Mayor’s Appeal. We also participated in the Lord Mayor’s Show parade with a City float representing the work and areas of all four City BIDs.
  • Collaborated with Whizz Kidz to deliver Morph’ Epic Art Adventure, a step-free art trail across the City of London featuring more than 50 6-foot decorated Morph statues.

Future plans

  • Organise multiple Open Iftars in Cheapside at iconic locations with increased capacity.
  • Building on the success of last year’s Christmas event, explore the potential of a light festival and Christmas markets for 2024 in collaboration with the Destination City Team.
  • Continue to collaborate with the Destination City Team on city initiatives such as Bartholomew Fair and various seasonal campaigns.
  • Collaborate with St Mary Le Bow Church, the local community, and the Destination City Team to create a larger-scale event for the annual Live in the Churchyard gathering.

People welcomed to Live in the Churchyard


Visitors attended the Lord Mayor’s Show


CBA continues to transform Cheapside into a neighbourhood in which business, commerce, community and culture intertwine and professional and personal relationships grow and endure

Reverend George Bush, St Mary-le-Bow Church