Over half strongly agree that Cheapside, as an area, is important to their business

76% would like a Cheapside magazine to be produced

The majority would like their business details included on the Cheapside website

Total spend:


St Mary le Bow carries the memory of 900 years of Cheapside History and we are delighted to be part of a commercial and community revival which is restoring the district as the principal cultural and social destination in the City of London."

The Revd George Bush,
- Rector — St Mary le Bow

The City is a unique part of London and its oldest quarter, with great heritage, a vibrant arts scene, green spaces, architecture and visitor attractions and this message needs to be communicated to as wide an audience as possible.

The Cheapside Business Alliance shall work to generate a step change in people’s perceptions of Cheapside, creating a strong business and retail voice in the area and developing a clear vision to promote Cheapside and the City as an area where people will want to live, work and relax that aligns with the City Visitor and Cultural strategies.

The Cheapside Business Alliance will:

• Continue to deliver the successful Privilege Card scheme which now boasts an attractive number of local offers and promotions provided by One New Change, Royal Exchange and from across the area. The cards will be provided free of charge to all member businesses and their staff. The dedicated privilege card website will be refreshed and a mobile app developed which has been requested by card users as the next step in its development

• Develop a website that acts as a portal for member businesses and wider community to access a range of useful and interesting information on the area and its offer

• Send regular newsletters and communications which keep businesses and their staff informed about what’s happening locally in terms of events and activities, road closures, new developments, transport issues etc.

• Develop a series of exciting events and promotional activity, enlivening the area and creating a range of interesting and engaging local activity for local workers and visitors to enjoy.

• Involve City businesses in the annual Open House event and Lord Mayors Show which celebrates the City, its heritage and community

• Establish a social media platform which will keep member businesses and their staff up to speed on all Business Alliance events and activities being delivered

• Work as a business collective, consolidating budgets, time and resources to communicate key marketing messages to ensure much greater outcomes and impact

• To work with PR & Media agencies to promote business and the local area to a wider national and international audience