Feel well informed about plans for the area such as proposed building developments, transport disruptions or upgrade works

44% communicate, meet with or do business with their neighbours in Cheapside

30% of local businesses have viewed the Cheapside website

Total Spend:


St Mary le Bow carries the memory of 900 years of Cheapside History and we are delighted to be part of a commercial and community revival which is restoring the district as the principal cultural and social destination in the City of London."

The Revd George Bush,
- Rector — St Mary le Bow

The Cheapside Business Alliance will take a more innovative approach ensuring the area thrives and prospers over the coming years as a 7 day destination. The number of smaller businesses in the area, whose contribution and presence make a valuable contribution in shaping the location, is recognised by the business community as an important element of our activity. As such we want to ensure that we support small businesses through a range of projects that help to promote their services and further enable them to thrive as part of our local economy and community. From inward investment through to increased footfall and spend we will work hard to develop and influence a strong mix of assets to maximise the areas potential.

The Cheapside Business Alliance will:

• Develop a series of corporate networking events throughout the year at a variety of venues. Business is all about meeting people and building the relationships that lead to further business. These types of events were deemed important as a way of making valuable local connections, meeting neighbouring businesses in the area and discussing new ideas and key issues

• Continue to deliver Retailers Symposiums which have been a regular feature throughout the lifetime of the Cheapside Initiative. These bring retailers together to discuss local topics of interest and endeavour to consolidate efforts and discuss local matters that are raised by the local retailer community

• Through strategic partnership development with local and regional government as well as developers and organisations such as the City of London Police; the Business Alliance would act as a collective voice for businesses in all matters concerning enterprise in the area

• To keep businesses updated on local development pipeline activity, including all forthcoming schemes in the City (completed office schemes, those under construction and potential future developments)

• To develop a number of Key Performance Indicators to measure the success of the BIDs impact and output, including the monitoring of footfall and sales data, charting the areas success

• To work in partnership with the City of London Corporation and City of London Police on developing bespoke business continuity seminars and activity. The focus will be around informing people on cyber-crime, business espionage and economic crime.