City Gift Card

Whether you’re an employer wanting to reward your staff or you’re looking for gift ideas for friends and family, the City Gift Card is the perfect solution. With participating businesses ranging from restaurants and bars to retailers, hotels and leisure activities, we’ve got you covered.

Created by the City of London Corporation, Aldgate Connect BID, Cheapside Business Alliance, Fleet Street Quarter and the EC Partnership, the City Gift Card helps local businesses within the City of London by promoting spending in the area, which is good for everybody.

Support the places we all know and love and purchase a City Gift Card today!

How do I buy

It’s easy to order. Just choose an amount you want to spend, pick how many cards you’d like, and we’ll send them out to your address. You can also view a full list of places the card is accepted in.

For orders over £2,000 in value, or use of corporate cards or invoice payments:

Get your business noticed

Together with our partners, we’ve created The City Gift Card to help businesses like yours thrive. There’s nothing for you to pay to feature – it’s all paid for by The BID and our partners.

The gift cards are a pre-loaded Mastercard, so there’s no extra hardware or software for you to install. You only need to sign our merchant participant letter and complete an online registration form.

To register or find out more, email Aidan at

She’ll then send over a sign-up link. Once you’re registered, we’ll be in touch to organise a test swipe and you can then start welcoming in our card owners.

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