Purple is the new green. Make Doddle the new delivery address instead of the office.

2 December 2016

Together with Cheapside Business Alliance, we want businesses in the Cheapside area to help us towards our goal of improving air quality by providing each of your staff a Doddle membership, to use as their new delivery address instead of the office.

Consolidating deliveries to a Doddle store is essential for the environment. Instead of multiple delivery vans going to different homes or offices, Doddles’ central delivery location takes thousands of vans off the road, lowering CO2 and N02 emissions and improving air quality.

Doddle stores are conveniently located across the city, making it easy to collect and return online shopping from any retailer, or send parcels in the UK or abroad.

Reduce your deliveries to work and help improve air quality by using Doddle.

To find out more, contact us on corporatediscounts@doddle.it