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The Draft Business Plan Document has been gathered by the feedback from the businesses over the last 4 years and the targeted feedback from the Perception Analysis document.  The Business Plan demonstrates high-level initiatives and programmes that will respond to challenges identified in the Perception Analysis and from known issues in the area.

As mentioned, this is the first draft so there are certain items i.e. photos still to be completed.  The BID budget is still to be completed and is based on the data that we have currently from the City of London Corporation.  This table will be completed before the document goes to print The legal information is towards the end of the document with the BID governance included there.

The document outlines activities that will hopefully continue the legacy of the Cheapside Business Alliance (CBA) and for the whole community to thrive allowing sustainable growth to happen.  The BID levy will be applied to all ratepayers with a rateable value equal to or greater than £180,000. However, it is necessary to support the smaller businesses and the existing community, and this will be at the heart of the BID.

You can read the Draft in full here.

This document will go to the CoL Policy & Resource Committee in September. Please feel free to contact Claire Dumontier-Marriage Claire.Dumontier-Marriage@CityofLondon.gov.uk  or Ruth Duston OBE, OC  Ruth.Duston@cityoflondon.gov.uk any time with comments or suggestions by the 20th August 2019.