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Cyber security is a key challenge that all businesses no matter how big or small need to address. However, what this doesn’t mean is you spend vast sums of money on technology trying to mitigate the threat. Many basic and often free steps can provide a positive impact on your cyber resilience. Therefore, in teaming up with Cheapside Business Alliance, we have devised a cyber security programme, which is completely free for businesses within the BID.

The programme includes:

11th – 12th September 10am-2pm approx. —In The Community: the LDSC team assisted by the Welcome Ambassadors will visit your business  to offer a free Cyber Security Assessment. The assessment consists of 24 questions, all created in non-technical jargon. The LDSC team will run you through the assessment which should take no-longer than 15minutes.
By the 1st October—everyone should have received their Membership Action Plan (MAP): from the information you provided within the security assessment, the LDSC will generate your individual MAP. The MAP provides each business with a prioritised cyber security plan, highlighting the areas which you are advised to address first, based on risk. The MAPs are completely confidential and will not be shared with 3rd parties and are written in non-technical jargon.
10th – 11th October—Cyber Security Clinic:  the clinics are there for you to ask the LDSC any questions relating to the MAP you have received, or other cyber security questions you may have. Conversations will be on a one-to-one basis, confidential and enable businesses to understand what security means to them.
2019—Best Practice Workshop: a half day event where the LDSC and invited experts will provide a cyber security overview and what steps you can take to mitigate these risks. It will also give us the opportunity to highlight the top 5 priorities based on the collective MAPs and an opportunity for you to ask questions of the experts.