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The Mansion House, City of London

A rather creative, and alternative Christmas tree has been installed on the balcony of Mansion House.

The piece of art – ‘An Alternative Story of a Christmas Tree’ – has been produced by the Cleansing Team at the City of London Corporation and the Cheapside Business Alliance, who commissioned Áinne Burke artist and researcher, to design and produce the tree.

The Lord Mayor, Vincent Keaveny, officially launched the installation on Wednesday 1 December.

The festive tree is made of waste materials. Materials from the city sweepers and other waste management organisations, and companies have been collected to build the tree, and piece of art.

The aim of the installation is to send a reminder of the precious resources of metals, plastic, glass and paper used in manufacturing and packaging for all the products consumers buy without perhaps considering where the materials come from, who makes them, how they are transported and where the discarded packaging and products go when we are finished with them.

The message is being sent at Christmas time when more waste than ever is created, in a bid to make people more conscious of their actions, and be more environmentally friendly where possible.

Materials to create the tree have also come from Powerday, Freegle, Teck Take-back, Veolia and the Natural History Museum.

Alternative Christmas tree made from waste materials

The Lord Mayor City of London and Sherriff